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Seizures & Epilepsy Education

the S.E.E. program

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    The Seizures & Epilepsy Education (S.E.E.) program opened the new Cariboo Community College in Quesnel, British Columbia. S.E.E. was the first conference held in the facility, which offered a three story vaulted ceiling, a cool catwalk suspended two stories above the main floor (above) a spectacular view of the Quesnel River Valley, and an enthusiastic audience of over 150 persons with epilepsy, family members, doctors, and other health professionals. A very pleased planning committee, L to R: Clara Antoniazzi, Jason Hackler, Robert Mittan, Lisa Peters, David Sutton, Sue MacDonald.

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and NO MORE WORRY about seizures


These are the goals in the treatment of epilepsy. S.E.E. helps you reach these goals.


The Seizures & Epilepsy Education (S.E.E.) is an international award-winning seminar about epilepsy. The program is for persons with epilepsy, their family members, and parents of children with epilepsy. S.E.E. was created to give you the information and coping skills you need to get the best seizure control possible. But the program does not stop there. The S.E.E. program goes on to help give you your life back. It shows you how to get the best quality of life emotionally, in the family, socially, and at work or school. 


The program is so extensive it has been called encyclopedic (see Contents Part 1.) It provides you with information that cannot be found anywhere else. It covers everything from what epilepsy is, how it is diagnosed, the latest advancements in treatment, ways to control difficult seizures, and the latest research about future treatments. S.E.E. includes the forgotten aspects of epilepsy treatment – things that many doctors don’t know about that can give you an extra boost in seizure control. The program is so comprehensive and up-to-date that it has been approved to train physicians and nurses (see Continuing Education.)


Seizure control is only part of the battle. You want to get your life back. The S.E.E. program shows you how you can reclaim your life (see Contents Part 2.). Get rid of the fears seizures cause – in you and in your family (see The Real Problem.) Get control over your feelings. Learn how to deal with others about your epilepsy. Discover how to help your child with epilepsy succeed in school. Get the skills necessary to find and keep employment. 


Epilepsy is the most common brain disorder outside of stroke. Yet it is a very unusual medical disorder. For most people, what they don’t know about epilepsy is more hazardous to their well being than the seizures themselves. That means understanding is every bit as important as seeing the doctor and taking medications. Become seizure smart. Arm yourself with the best information available. There are brain disorders worse than epilepsy – and the worst of them is ignorance.


We know that not everyone can be seizure free. However we also know that many more people who have seizures can become seizure free. We have seen it time after time with S.E.E. programs (see Participant Comments and Outcomes Research.) Give yourself or your family member the best chance of ending seizures. Learn what you need to know at S.E.E. Look under the S.E.E. program schedule tab for the program nearest you. There are only a few programs each year. Don’t miss miss your chance to have a better life.